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Universities & School Facility Maintenance Software - Healthcare Facility Maintenance Software

Facility Maintenance Software For Universities, Colleges & Schools


Universities, technical colleges and schools are under great financial pressure due to rapidly increasing numbers of students and dwindling resources. Educational Institutes have buildings of various ages, which are used for a variety of purposes: lecture rooms, laboratories, offices, seminar rooms, libraries, sports halls, cafeterias and many more. These can be spread over long distances or concentrated on a single campus. In the buildings there are various complex technical equipment and expensive equipment. So, an effective University & School Facility Maintenance Software (CMMS) is of great benefits allowing maintenance management of indoor and outdoor facilities and increasing the transparency of facility management costs and services leading to better documentation.


Why EZmaintain CMMS tailored for University & School Facility?


  • User-friendly & Mobile Optimized Software
  • Increase Equipment Reliability & Availability
  • Streamlines Maintenance Process
  • Equipment Maintenance History
  • Cost & Inventory Management
  • Eliminates Paperwork
  • Organize Audits & Compliance
  • Dashboard and Key Indicators (KPIs)


Standard CMMS Features for Facility Maintenance


  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Reports & Dashboards


Additional Modules


  • Key Management
  • Facility Reservation System
  • Fleet Management
  • Calibration

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