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Enterprise Asset Management

Equipment reliability a key to effective risk management

Maintenance Management of any enterprise assets directly relates to equipment reliability as well as productivity. But asset performance management along with optimization throughout the entire lifecycle is not an easy task. The rising asset cost over its lifecycle increases the risks as well as liabilities.

Asset Tracking & Management

When workforce is responsible of keeping track of assets, it is common to lose track. Mainly when there are large numbers of facilities & in different places. The optimization of asset management as well as maintenance processes using EZmaintain Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software not only improves the equipment reliability but also decrease production cycle cost. It not only keeps track of physical assets or equipments, but also provides accountability and better controlling of physical assets or equipments. Managing too many assets has always been complicated & challenging for business organizations. EZmaintain EAM tool makes it simple & transparent by providing a comprehensive solution.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Improve Asset Performance
  • Equipment History Tracking
  • Multi Location Support
  • Identify Reoccurring Failures

Assigning Assets to Requester User

The identification & classification of assets is an integral part of risk management process. They define the security needs in terms of confidentiality, availability and integrity. The classification of an asset should be made by the owner or holder of the asset, who is the manager of the business unit responsible for the asset. The greater the impact of a disclosure and loss in case of compromise of an asset higher is the need for classification of an asset. EZmaintain Asset Management Software allows you to assign assets to the requestors based on organizations classification.

  • Classification of Fixed Assets
  • Increased Confidentiality
  • Availability Of Assets
  • Asset Integrity Management

Ensure compliance with Regulatory Standards

EZmaintain EAM is an industrial automation tools which is capable of digitizing your maintenance activities, monitoring your processes and providing audit friendly reports to be used for analysis. It meets the needs of activities subjected to strong regulatory requirements for quality and safety of employees. It’s powerful regulatory software for compliance and continuous improvement of quality of work for maintenance department. Increasing visibility across the organization by tracking all maintenance activities as well as asset related documents which leverage risk management strategies and framework.

  • Detailed History Reports
  • Equipment Safety Labels
  • Audit Compliance Reports
  • Warranty Management
  • ISO Regulatory Compliance

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