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Fleet Management

Fleet management for real time tracking & control of fleets

The management of the fleet of an Organization is often considered as an additional task. It becomes more and more time consuming when the company is looking for savings on its fixed costs or when the size of the vehicle fleet increases or the company expands on several sites. A dedicated tracking system for your company fleets will help you keep an eye on your fleet with just a few clicks. You can manage the entire administration with easy-to-use software. It covers fuel consumption, tire log, lube scheduling and many other features needed to manage your company's fleet.

Fleet Information Management

With a simple spreadsheet, it's impossible to assign drivers to vehicles. EZmaintain Fleet Management makes it simple. With a single click users can assign drivers to vehicles and enter fleet detail which is the heart of the tool containing all the information like Fleet Insurance details, Insurance Due date, Driver details, Tire log and Driver to Fleet History. It also helps to optimize the management of your fleet and manage their risks by consolidate all this information.

  • Centralized Information Repository
  • Access To Information In One Click
  • Eliminates Paperwork
  • Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility
  • An Enterprise Interface

Tire & Fuel Log Management

For a company to manage its fleet in an optimal way, it is necessary to know Fleet expense history. From Tires maintenance perspective EZmaintain Fleet Management Software provides essential information like installation date, tire life, price and much more. Similarly, for Fuel Consumption optimization it includes odometer readings, amount fuel filled, cost of fuel and so on. This not only becomes the source of optimizing the productivity of fleet and reducing its expenses, but also improves fleet safety.

  • Maximize Fleet Efficiency
  • Fleet Tyre Management
  • Optimize Fleet Fuel Consumption
  • Enhance Fleet Safety

Lube Scheduling

All of the above information cannot increase overall fleet productivity, if it is not serviced at regular interval. Servicing of vehicle is very important to maintain it in excellent condition. Lube Scheduling feature of EZmaintain CMMS software enables companies to automatically generate work orders for servicing of fleets at regular intervals. This includes different lube services like inspecting Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Batteries, Oil Change and various other activities.

  • Automate Lube Scheduling
  • Optimize Fleet Performance
  • Eliminate Fleet Downtime
  • Helps Control Costs & Identify Drifts
  • Fleet Safety Inspections

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