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Preventive Maintenance

Keep equipment in good condition to prevent large problems

To increase the life cycle and optimize the efficiency of assets and equipments, regular preventive maintenance is essential. Preventive Maintenance (PM) focuses on anticipating failures and initiating action plans before they occur.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Creation

Enhance and improve your plant as well as facility performance with real-time monitoring & scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks. EZmaintain Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) automatically creates the preventive maintenance schedule according to the specified date range and intervals along with necessary instructions to be followed by technician. With EZMaintain CMMS you can schedule PM tasks to both In-house team as well as third party external agency.

  • In-house PM Scheduling
  • External Agency PM Scheduling
  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors
  • Effective Data Cleaning

Preventive Maintenance To Work Order Conversion

Preventive Maintenance is based on scheduling operations at a time frequency. EZmaintain CMMS allows you to define your own interval based preventive maintenance programs, which can be tracked by date and automatically generate Work Requests which can be further converted to Work Order by assigning it to the right Maintenance Technician. The interval of the PM task to be performed can be defined in day, month or year. You can quickly create your own custom PM task that meets your needs. Whether it is an annual inspection, periodic inspection of air conditioning, filter replacement every six months or any other planned maintenance task, everything can be taken care of using PM Scheduling.

  • Automatically Generates Work Request From PM
  • Optimizing Maintenance Work Flow
  • Simplifying Maintenance Follow-Up
  • Easy To Program & Track PM Tasks

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