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Predictive Maintenance

Predict equipment failure in real-time using predictive maintenance

Predicting failures before they occur is the challenge of predictive maintenance. To know about it, there are different measurement techniques that can evaluate the state of the equipment and detect the warning signs of failures. The operation of machines requires more components than others, causing their gradual wear. These wears lead to imbalances that may gradually damage the machines. Predictive maintenance techniques aim to detect the probability of these defects, to prevent breakdowns and accidents and to optimize maintenance strategies.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Using EZMaintain CMMS equipment conditions can be monitored at regular intervals, based on life expectancy indicators and probability of failure. It offers two conditional monitoring approaches to detect abnormalities, Temperature & Vibration Monitoring. It also makes use of non intrusive techniques, which does not require interrupting production process. Any asset such as Electric Motor, Gear Box, Compressor, Generator or any other equipment which needs maintenance due to mechanical or electrical wear & tear conditions can be monitored.

  • Just In Time (JIT) Maintenance
  • Increased Equipment Uptime
  • Increased Return On Assets
  • Improved Maintenance Response Time

Turning Insights to Action

Good insights are meaningless until they drive action and have measurable impacts. Similar is the case with condition monitoring information provided by any Maintenance Software. Condition monitoring should not only provide alerts to detect abnormalities but also should drive actions by converting it into work order requests. This is where EZmaintain Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) Software differs. One can convert the warning signs of potential problem or failure to work order and can be scheduled or assigned to the right maintenance technician. This enables the tool to not only spot the abnormalities but also allows taking decisive action.

  • Generate Work Order From Alerts
  • Extends Asset Life
  • Improves Work Safety
  • Maintenance Cost Optimization

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