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Inventory Management

Maintaining the right balance of spare parts availability

Inventory Management is an important element of supply chain which covers various aspects such as spare part counts including out-of-stock occurrences as well as managing inventory in multiple locations. Appropriate inventory management software can be a game changer for any business which has hundreds and even thousands of parts, components and other materials to track and manage.

Inventory Data Management

Inventory data is one of the fundamental building blocks of efficient Inventory Management System. Inventory data management tracks and stores various data of spare parts as they move through the maintenance process including part number, product name, cost, quantity and the dates when they are used. One can create and manage partial or complete inventory data manually or using import function. A good inventory data management not only improve the cash flow but also helps in optimizing contingency planning.

  • Optimized Spare Parts Master Data
  • Better Inventory Control
  • Associate Parts To Assets
  • Easily Import & Export Data

Inventory Distribution Management

Inventory Distribution Management is perfectly integrated into the maintenance function of EZmaintain CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software). It ensures maintenance technician is dispatched with right parts with simplicity and ease. EZmaintain CMMS has made inventory distribution and tracking simple and faster. Maintenance technician can order required spare parts using “Add-To-Cart” function similar to ecommerce platforms. While the Store In-charge can issue the Spare Parts with a simple click, eliminating paper work for printing issue notes.

  • Add-To-Cart Spare Parts Ordering
  • Simplified Spare Parts Issuing
  • Eliminating Paper Work
  • Track Your Inventory Costs
  • Audit Trails To Track Movements

Replenishment Alert

Better inventory control is crucial for planned and unplanned maintenance operations to run smoothly. When a maintenance inventory dips to the quantity below the threshold, EZmaintain CMMS notifies the Maintenance Planner & Store In-charge with a Replenishment Alert so that the Store In-charge can replenish the supply in a timely way. This not only prevents overstocking which is waste of money but also manages adequate inventory levels.

  • Inventory Management Flexibility
  • Minimize Overstocking
  • Replenishment Threshold Notification
  • Inventory Optimization

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