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Efficient Management With Holistic Approach


In retail, large department store chains are struggling with declines in sales due to booming online trade who are bringing many businesses to their limits of existence. In order to survive, retail companies are in a constant process of optimization in order to be able to offer competitive prices. One of the most important challenges is to reduce fixed costs without negatively affecting the core business. With a right Computerized Retail Facility Maintenance Software (CMMS), you can achieve this. The right software solution allows you to save you time and reduce your cost by standardizing and automating maintenance process. It enables you to track your workforce and inventory along with availability of decision making information like concluded contracts, costs and deadlines which helps in identification of potential savings and optimization of contractual relationships.


Why EZmaintain CMMS tailored for Retail Facility?


  • Streamlines Maintenance Process
  • Equipment Maintenance History
  • User-friendly & Mobile Optimized Software
  • Increase Equipment Reliability & Availability
  • Cost & Inventory Management
  • Eliminates Paperwork
  • Organize Audits & Compliance
  • Dashboard and Key Indicators (KPIs)


Standard CMMS Features


  • Work Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Reports & Dashboards


Additional Modules


  • Key Management
  • Facility Reservation System
  • Fleet Management
  • Calibration

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