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Key Management

Comprehensive key management for increased accountability & reduced risk

Key Management is a well designed and robust security management system intended to help organizations securely manage & control access to their various locations according to corporate policies. It ensures appropriate documentation, tracking and optimizing key management process. With Key Management in place you do not have to worry who was the last person to use the key, who should return the keys or are the keys protected against unauthorized access.

Key Information Management

EZmaintain Key Management is unique module to store, protect, limit key taking, memorize & histories the movements. It is user friendly and supports multi-site operations. Key Information Management ensures that all information like Key Serial Number, Key Copies, Lock type, Lock Number and Lock or Key Images are captured and stored on a single source, which are easy to retrieve and use. All major types of lock such as Padlock, Deadbolt, Knob Lock, Cam Lock, Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Lock and several others are taken into consideration.

  • Accurate Records Of Lock & Key
  • Centralized Information Repository
  • Eliminates Paperwork
  • Supports Multiple Lock Types
  • Image Attachment Allowed

Key Request Management

For organizations with multiple facilities or branches, EZmaintain Key Management is a valuable tool. It not only allows you to manage access to your facilities but also provides flexibility with its cloud based and mobile friendly features. When staff is huge or numerous equipments security is critical the management of keys becomes complicated by traditional method. EZmaintain CMMS eliminates the workload and allows the company to control access to different facilities in real time. It not only simplifies Key Requisition and Issuing process but also key return reporting.

  • Better Access & Control
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Reduction Of Key Search Time
  • Increased Key Availability
  • Security & Asset Protection

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