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Mobile Maintenance

Mobile friendly maintenance software providing more flexibility

We spend thousands of phone calls for planning, scheduling and optimization of maintenance activities. But with traditional methods we have no idea of the progress of our work order, track of earlier work request made for specific equipment as well as replenishment of spare parts. EZmaintain mobile friendly interface is a model of simplicity and ergonomics. It integrated with the interfaces of any smart phones or tablet available in the market (iOS, Android or Windows) providing more flexibility.

Complete Mobile Solution

With the increase of mobile devices (tablet and smart phone), it is necessary to use software that adapts to these different mobile media. EZmaintain CMMS offers you comprehensive mobile solution. From any smart phone or tablet, the team has access to creating, updating and completion work orders, schedule Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks, generate audit friendly reports without the slightest effort. One can add assets or equipments, request spare parts and streamline maintenance activities.

  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors
  • On-Demand Visibility & Insight
  • Real Time Progress Evaluation
  • Eliminating Paper Work

Cross Platform Browser Friendly Software

One of the important functionality of Cloud based software is to provide a visually identical platform offering same user experience when navigated with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. EZmaintain Maintenance Software is tested on across all these browsers for compatibility. Please note that browsers that are too old are no longer taken into account during testing. It is also tested for cross platforms including desktop, mobile smart phones and tablets.

  • Cross Platform Compatible
  • Optimized For All Major Browsers
  • Easy-To-Use User Interface
  • Responsive Design For Flexibility

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