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Manufacturing & Operation Management

Manufacturing & Operations Management Case Study

Our client a well known name in textile industry abandons the client server in favour of EZmaintain Enterprise Web CMMS.


The site of North America (Client’s Industry) is a textile factory, having fabricated in its beginning with children’s clothing. Over the years, the company has evolved and modernized and moved away from fashion and clothing to take over the Construction industry.


There were a total of 15 people employed in the maintenance of the site, with a well developed rolling system: one team in the morning and one in the afternoon alternate, reinforced by a third covering the day of production. Two others for the night and the weekends ensured a permanent follow up of the technical facility. The level of demands by client customers forced this company to have an operational tool at all times, which implies increased flexibility in maintenance. For many years, client had been equipped with complete CMMS software, based on traditional heavy client technology software which was installed on each workstation to communicate with the central server. The tool in place was reliable and well rooted, but it had come to the end of what it could bring in terms of evolution. The management wanted a lightweight, powerful solution for managing demands with right preventive and predictive maintenance, operations & parts inventory. They also needed a web based interface which could work on mobile as well to replace the traditional client server software in the field.


At the end of the decision process EZmaintain was selected to replace the historical partner due to its full web feature and overall efficiency that comes from the web application. As a result of which no installation was needed on client workstation and was quickly operational. The web application showed compatibility with all recent browsers as well as mobile interface. The data is centrally stored and secured with modern cloud technology. It helped the Maintenance department to put the things right because of its simple and user friendly features. Within short introduction time the efficiency increase in Maintenance department were particularly evident.


While it is easy to demonstrate the interest of a CMMS to a company that manages its maintenance on charts and cards, it is more difficult to convince a company with many years of experience on a product to proceed to a technological leap, especially with a new partner. The quality of solutions and services EZmaintain is able to provide are the keys to the success. The use of it has shifted our client’s plant to full web CMMS making day and night maintenance easier. The originality of the EZmaintain approach is to combine dual competence: the maintenance business and the IT business which allows considerable time savings in the implementation of CMMS. The project does not stop, there as two new sites being considered for implementation of EZmaintain.




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