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Why Select Cloud base CMMS Compared to On-Premise Software

Wide spread adoption of CMMS was noted early as 1980 onwards during the PC revolution every small to large organization started using computer from accounting to manage manufacturing process.

There are several thousand CMMS users worlwide using server installed version as that was all available until early 2005 when could computing took over and many new CMMS software provider started building tool which was hosted in the cloud and offer SaaS model (software as a service), since then several users switched from their traditional server model to cloud CMMS as there are host of benefits compared to server installed ones.

Easy and Quick setup

Cloud base CMMS tool allows companies to get started fast as no software installation or server management is required, when you subscribe for cloud base CMMS you’re all hardware maintenance problems are managed by the SaaS provider, you get user name and password to get started.

Easy Collaboration Anywhere

When your reach your CMMS tool from remote location then you can start interacting with your team members even much faster, these cloud tools work from PC,  smart Mobile devices, Tablets.  In today’s internet enabled age faster communication and response time to maintenance work orders results in higher productivity and profitability.

Faster CMMS adoption

Being cloud enable, even training maintenance team is easy, normally SaaS CMMS companies provide online training manual, video training guide which are simple and easy to understand across all staff levels,  even online webinars and screen sharing  one-on-one training support leads to faster adoption.

Intelligent Features

Server based CMMS tools have technical limitation to provide intelligent smart features, due to its limitation of processing speed, connectivity and ability to collect data.  Cloud base CMMS offers  several advantages like AI driven Intelligent data analytics, ability to add video, pictures to work orders for better communication, allows to track and trace all internal communication among team members as well asset maintenance history, EZmaintain provides IoT connected CMMS software which allows companies to monitor asset condition using vibration, temperature, pressure, load sensors and the tool generates preventive maintenance work orders based on sensor input data.

Higher Database Security

Cloud has become much secured compared to self hosted servers, as top cloud players alike Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and several other top class companies take data security seriously and have built robust protocols and customize servers to offer world class data protection. If you run your private server, your knowledge of securing server is limited compared to top global companies, cloud CMMS allows you to buy peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

New Feature updates

Cloud CMMS provider takes care of new feature and version upgrades, as a Cloud CMMS user you don’t have to worry to update and manage feature compatibility with your server hardware capability.

Get almost 99.9% Cloud uptime

In premise CMMS comes with its own challenges, in case of server problems or scalability issue you have wait till your IT teams comes to your rescue or fix server bugs, with cloud base CMMS you can get assure to get higher speed and improved UI/UX function with maximum server uptime, most of the CMMS tools are backed by auto scale networks thus you don’t have to limit yourself with lower server response time or speed.

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