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CMMS Software Integrates Sensor Data allows condition base Preventive Maintenance

CMMS Software began in early of 1980, with the personal computer revolution in early part of 1990 when Windows 3.0 was released lots of software companies started to offer PC version of plant and facility maintenance management software or CMMS, there were very few business which adopted CMMS software as computer penetration was not much visible among small and medium size manufacturing facility.

Microsoft released windows 1997 and that was the year CMMS software sales rose several folds, as friendly user interface based features were offered to maintenance managers, right from work order management, spare parts inventory management to preventive maintenance scheduling, till this point there was no mechanics of integrating machine sensor data into CMMS Software.  In 2008 across the globe there was a tremendous rise in adapting to 3G & 4G network and WiFi networks and connecting sensor became affordable, internet friendly smart phones were used to access CMMS software there was also a lot of improvement in CMMS functionality and new features were deployed faster  by CMMS companies due to ease of rolling out as cloud infrastructure, even small CMMS provider started offering cloud base CMMS Work Order Management tools, today cloud base CMMS software is the most popular among small to medium size business to manage their plant and multiple facilities, as it’s low cost & simple and easy to get started fast.

5G WiFi Networks are already being rolled in several parts of USA and Europe and is playing a crucial role in Maintenance 4.0, IoT connected CMMS allows business  to manage and track asset better than conventional  time base preventive maintenance process which is normally time base or condition base, now manufacturing companies will be able to collect real time sensor data and set critical condition alerts which will further trigger work order creation or notify CMMS planner about unstable sensor data.

EZmaintain now offers CMMS cloud base software where users can integrate IoT sensors and push sensor data alerts in the cloud CMMS which further notifies to CMMS planner and with one click converts into preventive work order, to keep the cost low EZmaintain CMMS stores IoT Sensor data for 30 days and users can connect via simple JSON script, now maintenance managers can integrate their own Sensor data in the cloud which is affordable and easy to implement.  Now users can integrate Temperature, Vibration, Pressure, Load Cell, Humidity, Flow and Level Sensors data. 

Why you should consider connecting CMMS + IoT sensor data?

Until now maintenance managers had little control over real time asset data monitoring by which actionable insight or maintenance work order request could be generated. Predictive Maintenance alerts will reduce unexpected machine failure, improve on machine availability for maximizing production which will thus improved overall business profitability.

Maintenance Managers can also integrate existing machine sensor data into EZmaintain cloud base Network; we do customized sensor and hardware solutions to customers in various manufacturing and process control industry.

In addition we offer various models like Calibration management software, Fleet management software, Lock & Key management software, Facility reservation system.

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