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Computerized Maintenance Management Software in the Cloud (CMMS)
Ideal for manufacturing Plant & Building Facility maintenance

EZ Configurable

Configure Web base CMMS to your need using our user friendly interface. Add multiple asset, Location, Department & Users which can be accessible from desktop to mobile device.

Easy Scalable

CMMS allows you to scale from single location to multiple location faster, which is backed by our robust Cloud infrastructure.

EZ IoT Sensors

IoT WIFI sensors for condition monitoring of Assets, sends alerts directly on your CMMS dashboard. Internet enabled Temperature & Vibration sensors can track Asset health conditions.

EZmaintain - Work Management

Work Management

EZmaintain - Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance Scheduling

EZmaintain - Inventory Management

Inventory Management

EZmaintain - Asset Management

Asset Management

EZmaintain - Key Management

Key Management

EZmaintain - Facility Reservation System

Reservation System

EZmaintain - Fleet Management

Fleet Management

EZmaintain - Calibration


EZmaintain - Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

EZmaintain - Mobile Maintenance

Mobile Friendly

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